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Fan favorite character could have been final boss in Pokemon Red and Blue

Published: 1/Jan/2020 10:33

by Paul Cot


Long-time Pokemon fans will know the very first games in the series – Pokemon Red and Blue – finish with an epic battle against your rival. The game’s code has revealed there was supposed to be another, more powerful trainer to defeat, though.

The Generation 1 Pokemon games are still revered to this day, with many trainers returning to the remastered versions – Fire Red and Leaf Green – to enjoy them once again. Some trainers even like to relive them in their primitive glory, playing them in their original monochrome GameBoy port.

The newer Pokemon games have followed a similar pattern to the 1996 classics – defeat the eight gym leaders, go throughout the Elite Four before facing a winner-takes-all battle against your rival. It’s a structure that gave Pokemon games longevity for years to come.

Pokemon CompanyThere a few games more iconic than the first Pokemon games…

Your rival’s Grandfather

It looks like there was supposed to be another facet to the story, though, and a shocking one at that. After defeating your rival, a battle with your mentor himself, Professor Oak, was supposed to follow, at least that is what the game’s code suggests.

Dr Lava’s Lost Pokemon channel revealed this interesting plot and even found which Pokemon he was supposed to have. Choosing between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle at the beginning of the game is one of the most iconic scenes in any Pokemon game.

You choose which you want, your rival will choose the starter that has a type advantage against it, leaving the final one to sit there and never be seen again. Or so it would seem. That ignored Pokemon ends up in Professor Oak’s team at a powerful level 69.

Dr Lava's Lost PokemonWould this have been the most difficult battle in all of Gen 1?

Professor Oak’s team

So, for example, if you pick Squirtle, your rival will pick Bulbasaur, leaving Charmander (or Charizard when you would have finally faced it) to be part of Professor Oak’s team. The most famous of all Pokemon researchers team would have been as follows:

  • Charizard (or Venusaur/Blastoise) level 69
  • Tauros level 66
  • Exeggutor level 67
  • Arcanine level 68
  • Gyarados level 70

We may never know why Professor Oak was omitted from the first games but his inclusion would have made for a fascinating finish to the storyline. After all, he is the Grandfather to your rival and Pokemon Champion!


Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Pokedex reimagined in 8-bit Game Boy style

Published: 21/Jan/2021 23:11

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield fan went viral after re-imagining every single ‘mon from the Galar Region in 8-bit Game Boy style. 

In a first for the franchise, Pokemon’s eighth generation RPG was in both HD and on a home console. Despite that, many fans still have nostalgia for the way the games used to look on the Game Boy.

Those wondering what Sword & Shield’s monsters would look like in 8-bit graphics no longer have to dream as one incredibly talented artist re-imagined all of Galar’s ‘mon in the retro graphic style.

Screenshot of Pokemon Red & Blue choosing starter.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon fan reimagined Sword & Shield ‘mon with Game Boy-style graphics.

Pokemon Sword & Shield fan’s epic Game Boy Galar Pokedex

Illustrator Pat Ackerman posted his incredible artwork on January 20, and wowed the Pokemon community by recreating monsters from the eighth generation in Game Boy’s pixel graphic style.

While Sword & Shield technically boasts over 600 characters with its DLC, the fan tackled all the ‘mon either new to the series or region specific.

According to Ackerman, he used the pallet from the 1998 title Yellow. “Finally finished all of generation 8 in Gameboy form! They use the Pokémon Yellow palette,” he wrote.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the incredibly skilled artist also re-imagined Sword & Shield Gigantamax forms in the retro Game Boy style. Those wanting to see the various ‘mon he’s created should check out his Instagram.

The Pokemon community absolutely loved Pat Ackerman’s retro reimagining, such as one fan who exclaimed, “These are absolutely beautiful”. One user even went as far as to say they preferred the style to the Nintendo Switch graphics. “I really prefer this over the 3d models. I wish there was an option in the game for this,” they wrote.

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to Sword & Shield Game Boy art.

Impressively, the talented fan explained that he doesn’t use a program to create the pixel style. Instead he uses the pencil tool in Photoshop. Considering how close this looks to the 90s Game Boy titles, it’s pretty spot-on!

If nothing else, it’s absolutely fascinating to see what a modern Pokemon game would like if it was still made on classic consoles. Speaking of retro, hopefully we will be able to revisit Gen IV if we finally get a Diamond & Pearl remake in 2021.