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5 incredible Pokemon records that may never be beaten

Published: 27/May/2019 16:54 Updated: 30/Dec/2019 3:18

by Paul Cot


Along Pokemon’s 20+ year history many records have been made and are unlikely to be broken. Here are the best of those records.

The Pokemon franchise remains one of the most lucrative brands in the world today. It is estimated to be worth at least $15 billion.

The franchise can be divided into three categories: games, anime and merchandise. Unknown to many is that Pokemon began with the games in 1996 and not the anime series, which actually started in 1997.

The original Pokemon games are some of the most iconic of all games…

1. Pokemon game sales

The games that started it all were Pokemon Red and Green (in Japan). American and European players will recognize Pokemon Red and Blue as the first games.

It is these games that kick-started the franchise and actually hold arguably Pokemon’s most impressive record.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green combined have sold more than 47.5 million copies. While this puts it sixth on the list of the most sold video games of all time, it should perhaps be higher than that due to its retail price.

In terms of sales as an overall franchise Pokemon sits in third place, trailing only Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mario series.

The first generation of Pokemon games are widely considered some of the best games of all time.

2. Speed run

There is also another record for these Pokemon games. Due to their simplicity they have become some of the most popular games to speed run.

As Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow are slightly different games, they have separate speed run records. It is Red/Blue that are primarily played for speed run attempts.

The current world record is owned by PokeGuy, beating the previous record time by 27 seconds with 1 hour, 45 minutes and 21 seconds. It is believed that 1 hour, 44 minutes will be beaten at some point.

This incredible time is possible due to exploits such as x-accuracy which guarantees 100% accuracy.

3. Pokemon in Minecraft

Minecraft is actually one of the games that has more sales than any individual Pokemon game. The sheer scope of Minecraft allows you to do some pretty crazy thing within the game – none more so than being able to create Pokemon Red within the game.

The process in doing so is incredibly complex but essentially it involves creating blocks which contain lines of code to make the game run. In total there are 357,000 blocks, meaning there are 357,000 lines of code.

The project was made by MrSquishy and can be downloaded right now. It is perhaps one of the most incredible Minecraft projects to date. Elsewhere, the Kanto region has also been created.

4. Shiny hunting

Hardcore Pokemon fans will know the strain and frustration of shiny hunting. Essentially finding shiny Pokemon is nothing more than luck and repetition.

As a result it can take thousands of attempts to find the shiny Pokemon you are looking for. Furthermore, with legendary Pokemon, where you have one chance to catch them, you also have to soft reset between each attempt – this only adds to the time it takes.

Following the release of Pokemon Let’s Go, finding a shiny Mewtwo became the craze. Some streamers had to make nearly 2,000 soft resets and there were presumably others who to make a lot more.

However, one player did a reported 209,797 soft resets in order to find a shiny Natu. Yes, that’s right, 209,797. This was while using five Gameboy Advance SPs but nonetheless it is still an extraordinary number, one which will likely never be beaten.

To see the moment MI678TV found the Natu, check out the video below (2:01 for mobile users).

5. Pokemon Go

Pokemon’s main mobile game, Pokemon Go, is responsible for spearheading the augmented reality genre through a phone. The game is more popular than even Niantic would have expected when they made it.

It is also quite the money maker having made more than $2.5 billion in revenue since launch. This number is made all the more impressive when to download it, it is entirely free.


Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Pokedex reimagined in 8-bit Game Boy style

Published: 21/Jan/2021 23:11

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield fan went viral after re-imagining every single ‘mon from the Galar Region in 8-bit Game Boy style. 

In a first for the franchise, Pokemon’s eighth generation RPG was in both HD and on a home console. Despite that, many fans still have nostalgia for the way the games used to look on the Game Boy.

Those wondering what Sword & Shield’s monsters would look like in 8-bit graphics no longer have to dream as one incredibly talented artist re-imagined all of Galar’s ‘mon in the retro graphic style.

Screenshot of Pokemon Red & Blue choosing starter.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon fan reimagined Sword & Shield ‘mon with Game Boy-style graphics.

Pokemon Sword & Shield fan’s epic Game Boy Galar Pokedex

Illustrator Pat Ackerman posted his incredible artwork on January 20, and wowed the Pokemon community by recreating monsters from the eighth generation in Game Boy’s pixel graphic style.

While Sword & Shield technically boasts over 600 characters with its DLC, the fan tackled all the ‘mon either new to the series or region specific.

According to Ackerman, he used the pallet from the 1998 title Yellow. “Finally finished all of generation 8 in Gameboy form! They use the Pokémon Yellow palette,” he wrote.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the incredibly skilled artist also re-imagined Sword & Shield Gigantamax forms in the retro Game Boy style. Those wanting to see the various ‘mon he’s created should check out his Instagram.

The Pokemon community absolutely loved Pat Ackerman’s retro reimagining, such as one fan who exclaimed, “These are absolutely beautiful”. One user even went as far as to say they preferred the style to the Nintendo Switch graphics. “I really prefer this over the 3d models. I wish there was an option in the game for this,” they wrote.

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to Sword & Shield Game Boy art.

Impressively, the talented fan explained that he doesn’t use a program to create the pixel style. Instead he uses the pencil tool in Photoshop. Considering how close this looks to the 90s Game Boy titles, it’s pretty spot-on!

If nothing else, it’s absolutely fascinating to see what a modern Pokemon game would like if it was still made on classic consoles. Speaking of retro, hopefully we will be able to revisit Gen IV if we finally get a Diamond & Pearl remake in 2021.