Fans thrilled by Pokemon Go eclipse celebration announcing new Legendary

Noelle Corbett

Niantic’s clever solar eclipse announcement has Pokemon Go players excited and anticipating a long-awaited Legendary Pokemon’s debut during this summer’s Go Fest.

Pokemon Go players got a treat when Niantic used the solar eclipse to announce that this summer’s Pokemon Go Fest 2024 will feature the debut of Necrozma.

Around the time the eclipse was becoming visible across North America, Niantic posted a video showing footage of an eclipse and Necrozma’s silhouette with the caption, “This upcoming #eclipse portends dark adventures in #PokemonGO.”

Given that Necrozma is a Legendary from Pokemon Sun and Moon with alternate forms inspired by solar and lunar eclipses, the announcement and its timing have fans excited.

“This is probably the coolest way to announce this,” said one Twitter user.

“Now this is good marketing,” said another.

It’s not yet known whether Go Fest will only include Necrozma’s base form or if we’re also getting Dusk Mane, Dawn Wings, and Ultra Necrozma. That info and if Necrozma will be limited to those with the event ticket will likely be announced closer to the event.

Regardless, Necrozma isn’t the only rare Pokemon debuting during this year’s Go Fest, as Niantic has already teased the Mythical Marshadow.

Pokemon Go Fest starts with the in-person Sendai, Japan event running May 30 through June 2. Other in-person events are set for Madrid (June 14 – 16) and New York City (July 5 – 7) ahead of a worldwide event that runs on July 13 and 14.