Fans argue Sound-type Pokemon have more place in the games than Dragon-type

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Pokemon fans have been hoping for sound to become a type in the games for the past few generations, and one fan has made a sound argument as to why it belongs more than Dragon or Rock-type Pokemon.

There are 18 different types of Pokemon that all 905 species adhere to. These typings dictate what moves a Pokemon can learn, what their weaknesses are, and how strong their moves are against other creatures.

Some Pokemon are dual-type meaning they have two different typings. Charizard is a dual-type Fire/Flying while Pikachu is only Electric-type. And it’s not too often that a new type is introduced to the franchise, Fairy being the newest type introduced in 2013.

For several years now, there have been two highly-requested types that have yet to make it into a game: Space and Sound. But now, players have made a pretty solid argument for why Sound-type should be introduced in Scarlet & Violet.

wismur gotta dance anime
The Pokemon Company
Wismur is an iconic Gen 3 Pokemon that players often claim should be Sound-type.

Sound-based moves outnumber Dragon & Rock

With Scarlet & Violet taking Pokemon even further into the next era of the franchise, players expect some pretty big additions to the game. There’s no doubt there will be an abundance of new Pokemon, but players are hoping a new type will be added as well.

Reddit user Darkiceflame recently posted a pretty solid argument for why Sound-type should be added to the franchise. “There are more sound-based moves in the series than Dragon or Rock-type moves,” they stated. Darkiceflame pointed out that there are 31 sound-based moves while Dragon has 27 and Rock has 24.

They did admit that some of the 31 Sound moves are special cases from games like Pokemon XD or are gimmicks like Z-Moves. Nonetheless, players took to the comments to once again request that Sound-type be added to the games.

One user asked which Pokemon would retroactively become Sound-type, and plenty of users had answers at the ready. The Wismur line, Chimecho, Chatot, Kriketune, Rillaboom, and more were among the suggestions.

Players also theorized how Sound would fit on the typing chart. One user suggested that Steel could be weak to Sound because sound waves pass through steel very quickly. Another stated Psychic could be weak to Sound because loud noises would mess up that Pokemon’s concentration.

So, if GameFreak does decide to add Sound-type Pokemon to the game, they need to look no further than this Reddit thread. There are tons of great ideas for the type, and there are already a large number of “Sound-type moves” in the games.

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