Pokemon Sword Shield: What are Dynamax Pokemon?

Paul Cot

A host of new information was revealed about Pokemon Sword and Shield at Pokemon Direct, but perhaps the most notable was the introduction of Dynamax Pokemon.

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Huge Pokemon

Director of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Shigeru Ohmori, states: “In certain locations in the Galar region, a new phenonmen can be triggered that makes a Pokemon giant in size.”

This process is called Dynamaxing and literally makes Pokemon several times bigger than their normal size. Naturally, Dynamax Pokemon are stronger in battle and will therefore give you a huge advantage.

PokemonDynamax Pokemon will bring a new dynamic to Pokemon Sword and Shield…
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All the moves they know significantly increase in power. Dynamaxing can only be used once per battle which means only one of your Pokemon can benefit from it. Furthermore, the Pokemon you choose to Dynamax will revert to its normal size after three turns.

While the concept may seem simple on paper, when you use your ability to Dynamax Pokemon will be crucial in whether you’re successful in the Galar region. It will add a new strategic depth to the game.

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Max raid battles

Pokemon Go trainers will be all too familiar with raid battles – they are also making their way into Pokemon Sword and Shield. You and three other Pokemon trainers can join forces to participate in these max raid battles.

Presumably, although this wasn’t mentioned, these others players will be other real-life trainers playing through an Internet connection. There is also the possibility that they are NPCs although the former does seem more likely.

These raid battles will be competed against wild Dynamax Pokemon where it will be able to keep its huge form for the entirety of the fight. One of the four trainers will also have the chance to Dynamax, so communication between the team is crucial.

These new raid battles can be found in the wild area and judging by the trailer are indicated by a huge red spiral of light.

PokemonDo these red markings signify max raid battles?

Unsurprisingly, the enemy Pokemon will be hard to catch but if you and your team emerge victorious then you’ll have the opportunity to capture it. Various Pokemon will be available, with some of them only available in max raid battles.

This is clearly going to be a huge part of Pokemon Sword and Shield – and this was also evidenced by the official Pokemon Twitter account actually changing their name to “Dynamax Pokemon” for a short time.