Dallas man arrested after $1,000 Pokemon card robbery

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A 31-year-old Dallas man has been arrested after an alleged robbery involving over $1,000 worth of Pokemon cards.

Another day, another Pokemon card crime story. This time, a Texas man is accused of threatening to or outright using physical force to rob a victim of their precious Pokemon cards.

The Albany Democrat-Herald reports that Charles James Pointer allegedly worked with a co-conspirator in a Pokemon card robbery.

Court documents state he dropped off his accomplice near the robbery site and helped them “secure or protect the proceeds of the crime.”

The proceeds ended up being over $1,000… that is if he ended up not being arrested by cops for the Albany Police Department.

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Pokemon card high speed chasePixabay
A man was arrested for a $1,000 Pokemon card robbery.

Court records say that on November 15, Judge Matthew Donohue appointed Pointer a defense attorney and set security at $50,000.

Pointer has been charged with second-degree robbery, third-degree robbery, first-degree theft, hindering prosecution, and two counts of criminal conspiracy.

It’s not clear if the accused knew the victim or how the alleged robbery was planned.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, Pokemon cards have remained quite valuable over the years and have become quite lucrative items with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As such, there have been many Pokemon card-related crimes in 2022 alone. Earlier this year, a $500,000 collection was stolen in a wild heist, and in France, a man had his cards stolen at gunpoint.

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