Pokemon card thieves assault man at gunpoint and steal his $15,000 collection

Michael Gwilliam
pokemon card thieves steal at gunpoint

Police are looking for a couple of Pokemon card thieves after they reportedly assaulted a man at gunpoint and stole his collection worth a whopping $15,000.

Pokemon cards have become extremely lucrative over the years with some rare ones selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. As such, with more and more people trying to collect them all, there have been some outrageous card robberies.

The most recent incident comes out of France when a collector in Montagnieu invited a potential buyer to his home to purchase his cards worth $15,000 when everything went wrong.

Pokemon card collection stolen at gunpoint

According to 20 Minutes, the man was surprised when the potential buyer showed up with a friend and put a gun to his head demanding he hand over the valuable cards.

After the seller was assaulted and beaten, the man had no choice but to hand over his collection as the thieves fled the scene of the crime.

Pokemon card high speed chase
$15,000 worth of Pokemon cards were stolen.

The report states that the police were unable to find the thieves despite the victim calling the authorities shortly after the assault. Luckily, an investigation is open and text messages between the collector and the perpetrators could help police locate them.

So far, however, the two remain at large. No description of the men was provided. Regardless, collectors in France may want to be wary of selling or buying cards until the men are caught.

It’s not clear which cards were stolen in the attack or how many the collector had listed, but despite the $15,000 price tag, this is far from the biggest Pokemon card theft of 2022.

Earlier in July, a man’s $500,000 collection was stolen from a special room in his waterfront property, and in February a man smashed through a gaming shop’s wall to take $250,000 worth of merchandise.

Hopefully, these incidents serve as an important lesson for anyone in the card collecting community about meeting with potential buyers, especially at their own residence.