Comfey revealed in Pokemon Unite: everything you know so far

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Comfey was datamined for Pokemon Unite, revealed to play as a unique supporter who relies on attaching onto its allies. Here is everything currently known regarding Comfey in Pokemon Unite.

Comfey is a fairy type Pokemon that originally released in Generation VII, and is easily mistaken for a grass-type Pokemon thanks to the flowers and leaves surrounding its body. Its flowers and aromas are used for healing, thereby aligning perfectly with the support role in Pokemon Unite.

For those similar with Yuumi in League of Legends, Comfey has been marketed to play similarly to the infamous cat. In other words, it attaches onto allies and plays solely to support, boosting allies’ plays rather than leading on its own.

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Here is everything currently known about the new Pokemon Unite character.

Is there a release date for Comfey in Pokemon Unite?

There isn’t currently a confirmed release date for Comfey in Pokemon unite.

The last Pokemon to join the game was Urshifu, who dropped on December 1. It’s been quite some time since another Pokemon dropped, but Comfey isn’t expected to release anytime in 2022. Its speculated release date is early or late January 2023, likely alongside the New Years celebrations.

Keep in mind, this is purely speculation based on preexisting release trends, and will be updated once an official release date is revealed.

Pokemon Unite Comfey: Stats & moves

According to datamines from ElChicoEevee on Twitter, the moves Comfey will have are Floral Healing, Sweet Kiss, Grass Knot, and Magical Leaf.

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The other moves and stats have not been revealed quite yet, but it’s expected to deal Special Attack. We know this because the stats from the base Pokemon games indicate as such, and Pokemon Unite always follows the base games as reference.

As for its base play style, it relies on attaching onto allies. This is a unique mechanic only available to Comfey, and will be indicated by a floral icon on the Pokemon’s name tag.

Take the information presented with a grain of salt. There has been no official reveal for Comfey in Pokemon Unite.

But ElChicoEevee has had a near perfect track rate with the new Pokemon releases for the mobile MOBA, backing up datamine claims with strong picture evidence which are later officially confirmed weeks or months later by the official Pokemon Unite media outlets.

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