Bizarre Pokemon merchandise goes viral after taking things “too far” 

Brent Koepp
pokemon metapod costumePremium Bandai / The Pokemon Company

A new Pokemon product in Japan went viral on social media after the community was floored by its strange design. The new merch lets players transform into a ‘mon – literally.

In 2019, reports revealed that Pokemon had become the highest grossing media franchise of all time. From clothing items to cards, the Nintendo property brings in billions of dollars with its merchandise alone.

A new product based on the RPG went viral on November 8 when the community was perplexed by its bizarre design. The Japanese apparel lets hardcore fans achieve their dream of one day transforming into a Metapod. 

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man getting into pokemon metapod costumePremium Bandai / The Pokemon Company
Now fans can transform into Metapod and hide from friends and family.

Bizarre Pokemon product goes viral

The odd product was revealed on Twitter through the official Bandai account, and showed a man zipping up into a life-size Metapod outfit. The post on November 8 described the product as “a fluffy cushion, so once you enter it, you don’t want to leave it anymore.”

The sleeping bag onesie hybrid has Trainers entering a Metapod shell that is made of polyester. The soft cushion interior allows fans to hide away from the world as they snuggle up against the comfy material.

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The post also contained a hilariously bizarre picture of a man staring at a mirror while tucked inside the Pokemon. The tweet quickly went viral with over 8.5k likes at the time of writing.

While perplexing to some fans with its design, many players of the RPG wrote that they actually wanted to buy it. Serebii’s Joe Merrick had the perfect summary of the community’s reaction, and tweeted out, “When Pokemon merchandise goes too far. Or not far enough.”

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Those looking to buy the special Metapod merch will have to open up their wallets as it retails for a cool 35,000 yen, which is roughly $331 after conversion rates. The item has been going in and out of stock – so it appears to be quite popular!

According to Bandai’s site, the comfy apparel will be shipping in April 2021. There has been no word at the time of writing as to whether they have plans to bring this product international markets.

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