Pokemon community horrified by “terrible” Kangaskhan discovery

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A Pokemon player’s disturbing realization about Kangaskhan left the community mortified. The fan’s viral discovery will make Trainers see skill-swapping in a horrifying new light.

The Pokemon franchise made its debut in 1996, and has since become a cultural phenomena. Even 24 years on, players around the world can’t get enough of its addicting gotta Catch ‘Em All gameplay.

Fans of the beloved series were left horrified when a player came to a disturbing realization about the RPG’s Skill Swap ability. The fan’s Kangaskhan discovery will have Trainers holding their loved ones tight.

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Kangaskhan’s Mega Evolution move can have a disturbing outcome.

Pokemon player discovers disturbing truth about Skill Swap ability

First introduced in Gen III’s Ruby & Sapphire, the Skill Swap ability allowed Psychic ‘mons to take one of their opponents traits. A story shared online, however, may have fans thinking differently about the move.

The post went viral on October 2 when user ‘David_Idiotman7’ shared his realization about the third-generation maneuver. “If you use skill swap on a Mega Kangaskhan, you steal its baby,” the Redditor proclaimed.

As the Trainer pointed out, Kangaskhan’s Mega Evolution move is infamously Parental Bond which sees its baby leave its pouch and stand on the battlefield. “If you have a Xatu or something and you use a skill swap against a Kangaskhan with Parental Bond, you now have [the move], which means you stole Kangaskhan’s baby,” he explained.

The post left fans disturbed as they considered the implications of the Psychic move. One user replied, “I really wish I didn’t know this.” Another player agreed and exclaimed, “WHAT A TERRIBLE DAY TO HAVE EYES.”

Most agreed that Slaking with Parental Bond would be “terrifying.” However, several users also compared the baby Kangashkhan’s fate to Cubone’s story from Gen I. “Cubone: Extra depressed edition,” one person said, to which someone else replied, “You think you have daddy issues? My parents were Psychic birds!”

Of course, Game Freak would never actually animate baby theft, and so using Skill Swap doesn’t visually show Psychic monsters taking away the tiny Kangaskhan. Still, the logic of the lore is interesting, to say the least!

It could also be argued that the strategic maneuver wouldn’t actually steal the little child, but rather the mother’s love for her offspring instead. Which is even more creepy when you think about it.

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