Bizarre Pokemon Go glitch turns Garchomp & Eelektrik into “unfortunate” explicit duo

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go gym

One bizarre yet hilarious Pokemon Go glitch has left players stunned by a particularly unfortunate placement for both Garchomp and Elektrik inside one of the game’s gyms.

With so many Pokemon in Pokemon Go, it becomes almost understandable to see a variety of choices in the game’s gyms, with many choosing to either put in their favorite companion, their most powerful defender, or their smallest and funniest creatures, just to grab the rewards without losing a good Pokemon.

However, thanks to a rather “unfortunate” glitch, two Pokemon have been placed into a rather interesting explicit duo, causing Pokemon Go players to be both stunned and extremely entertained by the rather cursed creation.

Pokemon Go players stunned by “unfortunate” Garchomp & Eelektrik gym placement

Posting on Reddit, Pokemon Go user Cordeceps shared their discovery of a rather “unfortunate gym placement” complete with an image of an Elektrik in a pretty compromising position between Garchomps legs.

Soon after posting, the image quickly garnered players’ attention, with many finding the glitch hilarious, and arguing that the “unfortunate” placement was in fact, “Fortunate gym placement.”

Others found the explicit duo to be pretty funny, with many making jokes highlighting “Garchomp and his electric Eel” or that they “didn’t know harden was in Garchomp’s move set.”

Others claimed this placement was far from a glitch, joking that “Niantic knew what they were doing” when they worked out where Pokemon would stand when placed in a gym.

Another commenter agreed, explaining how “there are no accidents” in this image, and that the rather explicit placement was entirely planned by the game.

Whether the placement was a glitch or not, it’s clear this gym provided Pokemon Go players with the perfect amount of entertainment mixed with confusion, all summed up by one comment that most fans were likely thinking: “What’s going on here?”

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