Best Thicc Pokemon cards & where to buy them: Pikachu, Charizard & more

Andres Velez
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Are you interested in adding the best Thicc Pokemon cards to your collection? Here, we’ll explain what ‘Thicc’ Pokemon cards are, where to buy them, and look at the best artwork out there.

What are Thicc Pokemon cards and are they real?

If you ask a collector, they might tell you that your Pokemon cards are printed on 280 GSM-thick paper. If you press them, that the base set Pikachu is thick and very much real, but that not all thicc Pokemon cards are legit.

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Sadly, since the base set, Pikachu has lost its voluptuous curves, and many players have had to settle for skinnier models.

‘Thicc’ doesn’t exactly pop to mind when we think about your favorite trading card game, and yet these Thicc Pokemon cards are exactly what have a lot of collectors making it rain like a Gholdengo.

Pikachu base set to Pikachu Gigantamax

What are the Best Thicc Pokemon?

There’s Thicc Pikachu’s, Thick Club Marowak, Thicc Snorlaxes full of leftovers, a Blissey, or even a Wailord. We tend to think the list ends there, but we were all deceived, for another Thicc set was made. In the land of Etsy, on a custom card generator, the Thicc lord artist Pokemize forged a secret set— Thiccer than all others.

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thicc Pikachu, thicc charizard, thicc venusaur and thicc blastoise Pokemon TCG cards

These Thicc Pokemon cards, although unofficial, are packing juicy moves. Thicc Blastoise will get your opponent, and possibly you, wet with Soggy Bottom or slap Hydro Hams with an enemy Poket monster.

The rest of the moves are equally spectacular, for example, Thicc Venusaur’s Solar Hole, which will sun its yoni to heal 30 damage, or Boom Bloom, which turns your opponent into a Thicc Pokemon too. We’ve put together a list of the best thicc formed Poke’s from Etsy for your amusement:

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Are there Thicc Pokemon card NFTs?

The original Thicc cards were forged during the global health crisis in 2020. Inspired by this, Pokemon artists launched a series of unofficial Pokemon non-fungible tokens—or NFT’s for short—on the Ethereum blockchain.

The official Pokemon Company has only teased at Pokémon NFT’s so far, but in the meantime, you can have your pick of Pokemon card NFT’s on blockchain websites.

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