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Best Dragalge moveset in Pokemon Go for raids & Battle League

Published: 13/Apr/2021 21:21

by Brent Koepp


Popular Kalos Dragon Dragalge has made its debut in Pokemon Go during Rivals’ Week. Here are the best moves for the Poison-type that will have it destroying its opponents in Battle League or Raids.

Originally making its debut in 2013’s X and Y, Dragalge has quickly become one of the most popular Dragon-types in the Pokemon franchise. And after years of waiting, the ‘mon is now available in Pokemon Go.

Trainers adding the Poison-type to their roster may be wondering what moves to teach it. Below we will break down the best moveset you should be using for the Gen VI character in Battle League and online raids.


Dragalge Pokemon Go Dex
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Kalos Dragon made its Pokemon Go debut in April 2021.

Pokemon Go Dragalge best moveset

Pokemon Go players can officially start catching Dragalge on Tuesday, April 13 at 10:00 AM local time as a part of Rivals’ Week. The special event offers a handful of ways to easily get the ‘mon.

The Gen VI Dragon has been one of the most hyped critters to join the mobile game as its Poison-typing makes it a formidable contender in raids as well as the Great League.

Below, we will break down the attacks Dragalge has access to, and its current best moveset for both PVP and PVE that will make it a strong choice in any Trainer’s lineup.


Pokemon Go Battle League promotional art.
Niantic / Pokemon Company
Dragalge shakes up the Battle League meta with its dual typing.

Pokemon Go Dragalge best moveset in Battle League

Great League

Dragalge Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Acid / Dragon Tail  Charge Attack: Aqua Tail / Outrage

Dragalge is interesting on paper as it has access to Water,  Dragon, and Poison attacks. Conveniently, it can also use Water-Gun and Acid which both generate energy quickly. So choosing which one will purely be based on which ‘mon you are trying to counter.

Trainers will run into the same situation with its Charge attack. For those that want to quickly bait out shields, we recommend Aqua Tail and Outrage. Both not only do a decent amount of damage, but their cost to launch them is actually pretty low.

Ultra League

Dragalge Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Acid / Water Gun  Charge Attack: Aqua Tail / Outrage

While Acid and Water Gun are fairly similar, the former has a slight edge in total damage per second. Its Acid will tear through Wigglytuff and other Fairy ‘mon, but its Dragon-typing leaves it vulnerable to them.


As of the meta in April 2021, we recommend sticking closer to its Water-type moves to take down any Fire Pokemon. Aqua Tail continues to be a great pick, considering its low energy cost and decent damage.

Master League

Dragalge Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Water Gun/ Acid  Charge Attack: Outrage / Aqua Tail

Unfortunately, Dragalge is not the greatest pick for Master League and is outclassed by the creatures that currently dominate the meta. Its dual-typing actually works against it. For example, Outrage can take down Zekrom, but its Electric moves will bring down the Water-type instantly.

Most of the popular characters in ML also are not weak to Poison, taking away any advantage it has in the earlier tiers. Trainers absolutely set on bringing the Kalos character into battle should use it to bait out its opponent’s shields using Water Gun and Aqua Tail.


Screenshot of Pokemon Go Raid Boss logo.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Dragon-type is a strong attacker in PVE raids.

Pokemon Go Dragalge best moveset in raids

Dragalge Pokemon Go Dex Fast Attack: Water Gun / Acid  Charge Attack: Outrage / Aqua Tail

Thankfully, Dragalge fairs a bit better in PVE raids. Its access to Acid and and Dragon makes it a versatile pick for several popular 5-star PVE bosses in Pokemon Go.

Conversely, its pairing of Water and Dragon-typing lets it use both Water Gun and Outrage to deadly effect. The Gen VI ‘mon also can use Gunk Shot which does an incredible amount of damage.