5 things Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans want to see at Pokemon Presents

Zackerie Fairfax
pokemon presents predictions

With The Pokemon Company announcing a Pokemon Presents, fans are already predicting what will be showcased for Scarlet & Violet.

It’s been two months since the last bit of news regarding Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. And with Gen 9 only a few months away, players are eager to know more about the mysterious region.

Luckily, The Pokemon Company announced a Pokemon Presents – the company’s pseudo-Nintendo Direct – that will give yet another look at the upcoming title. The 20 minute broadcast will go live at 6 AM PT on August 3.

Pokemon fans are already tossing their predictions into the ring. They demand Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC or more details regarding the elusive Pokemon Sleep. However, this article will focus on what fans wants to know most about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

1. Starter Evolutions

The most difficult choice in any Pokemon game is which of the three starters to choose. And while many players are quick to choose a starter solely from its base form (Quaxly for life), more patient players wait to see the final evolutions before making their pick.

Starter evolutions are also the most frequent victims of fake leaks. Almost immediately after the first forms are revealed, fan art posing as legitimate concept pieces will start to surface. So, players just want to know what the final evolutions of Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco will actually look like.

new pokemon starters in scarlet and violet

2. Home Support/Dex Size

A Pokemon-centric movement has started across various social platforms with users posting the hashtag #BringBackALLPokemon. Essentially, these passionate players want to see the return of the National Dex, or at least want to hear that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will support Home shortly after launch and will allow the transfer of all Pokemon.

But this also leads to another highly requested bit of information. Players want to know the size of the Regional Dex and if their favorite Pokemon will be cut.

3. Gen 9 Gimmick

Every Pokemon game for the last several generations has had a gimmick. Z-Moves, Mega Evolutions, and Gigantimax; all essentially serve the same purpose. They’re a temporary buff or one-off move that makes a Pokemon stronger.

Some gimmicks, like Dynamaxing, aren’t highly praised by the community. While others, most notably Mega Evolutions, are universally loved. It’s inevitable that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a gimmick, it’s moreso about what that power-up looks like.

Meowth Gigantamax

4. Region details

While the two trailers we’ve seen so far have shown sweeping shots of beautiful landscapes and cities, we still don’t know much about the region itself. Game Freak has yet to reveal how many cities there are, if it’s actually open world, or even what the region’s name is.

We also know very little about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s lore. Fans want to know more about the legendaries and if the theories and leaks regarding time travel are actually real.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paradox Pokemon

5. Gameplay deep dive

This one may seem a bit obvious, but players want to see more gameplay. Despite having two trailers, not much of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s actual gameplay has been shown. Will there be free-aim catching like in Legends Arceus? Can you move the camera around during battles?

The trailers shown so far have been a cinematic look of in-game Pokemon and NPCs, but it’d be nice to see what the player can actually do. Show off some gyms, a glimpse at puzzles, or even a realistic look at character movement.

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