Where to find and catch Sparkit in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Sparkit in Palworld.

Not only is Sparkit a decent worker, but this Pal also helps power up your machines. Here’s where to find and catch Sparkit in Palworld.

As you progress through your journey in Palworld, you’ll find yourself being able to craft more advanced items. That’s where having a Sparkit becomes extremely handy.

Sparkit is an Electric-type Pal that drops an Electric Organ when slayed. This material is vital to get your electricity-powered devices running in the game.

Aside from butchering the poor Pal to get this material, you can also have it help you out in battles since it has quite a decent damage. So, if you’re looking to catch this Pal, make sure you know where to find and catch Sparkit in Palworld.

How to find Sparkit in Palworld

A screenshot featuring Sparkit location in Palworld.
Sparkit spawn location in Palworld.

Sparkit can be found around the Desolate Church on the starter island. You’ll find an abundance of yellow Electric-type Pal here, but they’ll attempt to run away when you get close unless you sneak up on them. 

For the uninitiated, this location can be found in the middle of the island, and if you haven’t been here yet, you can unlock this place as a fast travel point. For more details, check out the image above that has been marked to help you.

How to catch Sparkit in Palworld

Due to its electric nature, Sparkit is weak against Earth-type Pals. That said, any other Pal should do as long as you make sure to leave some health behind.

As always, aim and throw your Pal Sphere at it once you’ve lowered its health enough. Once the capture progress is complete, Sparkit will be added to your collection. 

If, by any chance, you’re struggling to catch this Pal, we recommend some methods to increase your catch rate. This can take some work, but it’s worth it if you want to farm Sparkit or some other rarer Pals in the long run.

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