How to increase Capture Rate in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring a Pal being petted in Palworld.

Are you fed up of Pals taking forever to get captured? Find out how to increase Capture Rate in Palworld so you can avoid wasting your Pal Spheres.

As fun as Pal-collecting goes in Palworld, nobody likes having their Pal Spheres go to waste. These things take resources and time to make, and if you’re not a fan of grinding Paldium, surely you’ll want to secure your wild Pal catch completely.

Running out of Pal Spheres isn’t even the worst part in the game, though. Imagine going after a Pal, only to have them accidentally become meat on the ground instead of capturing them. Well, these things can happen in the game, no matter how careful you are.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to increase your chances of capturing a Pal to avoid things like these. Without further ado, here’s a guide on how to improve the capture rate in Palworld.

How to Increase Catch Rate in Palworld

A screenshot featuring a Lifmunk Effigy that can be used to increase Pal catch rate.
Collecting Lifmunk Effigies for the Statue of Power can increase your Pal catch rate.

In Palworld, the capture rate refers to the chances of securing a Pal with your Pal Sphere. The higher it is, the easier it gets to catch them. There are three ways to increase your capture rate:

  • Offer Lifmunk Effigies to a Statue of Power
  • Craft higher-tier Pal Spheres
  • Change your in-game settings

Let’s take a look at a detailed explanation for each of them below.

Offer Lifmunk Effigies to a Statue of Power

A screenshot featuring Statue of Power in Palworld.
This is what a Statue of Power looks like in Palworld.

Lifmunk Effigies are essentially collectibles you can find scattered throughout the island. These small statues emit glowing green light that you can easily identify from afar. When you collect enough, you can offer them to the nearest Statue of Power to increase your catch rate. 

Generally, you can find Statues of Power by exploring the world, but since this can take time, we recommend building one in your base. It costs 1 Technology Point to build, and you’ll need to gather 20 Stone and 10 Paldium Fragments.

Craft Higher-tier Pal Spheres

When your basic Pal Sphere no longer does the job, it’s time to move on to a better Pal Sphere. Higher-tier Pal spheres are more reliable when it comes to securing Pals, though they’re also harder to make. 

Currently, the game has Basic Pal Sphere, Mega Pal Sphere, Giga Pal Sphere, Hyper Pal Sphere, Ultra Pal Sphere, and Legendary Pal Sphere.

Change the Capture Rate Setting

The last method you can do to increase your capture rate is by altering your capture rate setting. With all the grind and work required to do, it’s understandable that some players would prefer to have an overall easier time collecting Pals in the game.

Fortunately, if looking for Lifmunk Effigies and crafting Pal Spheres aren’t for you, you can increase your odds of capturing a Pal with a simple tweak. Simply head to the Change World Settings in the world page, select the custom option, and set the bar to highest in the capture rate setting.

That sums up everything you need to know about how to increase capture rate in Palworld. Just know that anytime you’re having trouble, you can always resort to these methods to help you add more Pals to your collection.