Where to find and catch Jolthog in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Jolthog in Palworld.

Jolthog is an Electric-type Pal that can get your machines running in your base. Here’s where to find and catch Jolthog in Palworld.

If inflicting chaos on a bunch of enemies sounds like something you would like to do, then Jolthog would be a perfect addition to your Palworld party. Being an Electric-type Pal, Jolthog has the ability to cause an explosion when thrown at an enemy.

But that’s not all. Much like Sparkit, this Pal can also help generate electricity in your base. This may not be necessary in the early stages of your game, but will become more important as things progress.

Thankfully, it’s easy to find Jolthog if you know where to look. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find and catch Jolthog in Palword.

How to find Jolthog in Palwold

A screenshot featuring Jolthog location in Palworld.
Jolthog spawn location on the Palworld map.

Jolthog can be found around the Bridge of the Twin Knights, a fast-travel location on the map. This is located around the middle area of the starting island. If your base is a bit further, it’s best to take a flying mount to reach this place faster. 

Otherwise, stocking up on food and equipping a shield should be enough to get you there alive. You should also spot a few roaming around this place since, unlike certain Pals, they can be found regardless of the time of day.

How to catch Jolthog in Palworld

As an Electric-type Pal, the Jolthog is weak against Ground-type Pals. That said, common starter Pals like Lamball and Chikipi should do the job if you don’t have any Ground-type with you yet. Just remember not to slay this Pal if you don’t want it turning into an Electric Organ.

When low health, throw your Pal Sphere in its direction, and the Jolthog should be yours. If you find yourself struggling to catch this Pal or others, try turning your capture rate up a bit.

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