Palworld Bellanoir update will make base management way easier

Sourav Banik
an image of a Palworld base and Bellanoir

Base management in Palworld is about to get a lot easier with the Bellanoir update that will add the first-ever Raid Battle and an evil Pal.

You may consider Palworld as the Chemical X in the survival genre where the secret ingredients are monster taming features from Pokemon and elements from games like Rust.

You capture these monsters and use them to make your job easier with base management, like gathering wood, rocks, mining, or even cooking food. On March 15, Pocketpair announced Palworld will get a new powerful evil Pal namely Bellanoir, and the first-ever Raid Battle, gearing up players for a tough challenge.

A dev has now given us a sneak peek of another feature coming with the update that will make base management much, much easier.

Pocketpair’s community manager posted a screenshot on Palworld’s official Discord, showing base Pals can be controlled individually from the Monitoring Stand.

an image of an upcoming feature in Palworld

As evident from the screenshot, you’ll be able to choose which traits of Pals you want to put into use individually by either allowing or denying them via a green check and red cross mark.

For example, you may choose your base Penking to perform every task like Watering, Handiwork, Mining, Cooling, and Transporting while assigning a Chikipi to only perform Farming and opting out on Gathering.

This new addition would be a massive upgrade in the game, deeming the Monitoring Stand way more useful than its current state, where, currently, you can only choose between Normal, Hard Working, or Super Hard Working.

A bunch of the community members on Reddit “want this so bad” and are “just waiting for someone to crash in like the kool-aid man to tell me it’s fake.” To reassure them, some players mentioned it was an official Discord announcement and said, “It’s not fake.”

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