Zenyatta and Sigma can finally walk in Overwatch 2 and it’s absolutely horrifying

Michael Gwilliam
zenyatta and sigma in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have found a way to make every hero walk and Zenyatta’s animation is especially disturbing.

The Overwatch Workshop is well-known for giving players the tools to add their own creative ideas to the game and the latest use has everyone’s favorite Omnic monk walking like a zombie.

Zenyatta is one of the oldest Overwatch heroes at this point, given how many the game has added and he’s become iconic for constantly sitting while floating in the air as opposed to walking on the ground.

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That has all changed, because the latest Overwatch patch has given players the ability to finally let him walk on his own two feet and the results are scary to say the least.

Zenyatta and Sigma zombie walk in Overwatch 2

As shown by ‘Proto_VI’ and ‘Faalund1‘ on Twitter, by using the Workshop, heroes such as Sigma, Zenyatta and Echo can now use their feet to walk and showcased them doing so on the Starwatch map.

For Sigma, it’s good to see that the barefooted Talon tank can actually make use of his Shaq-sized soles, while Echo is more known for being in the sky thanks to her specialty in aerial combat.

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That said, fans were quick to point out how demented the animations looked, with one player calling the three the “cursed walking trio.” Quite the accurate name, indeed.

“Sigma looks like he’s about to start doing the stanky leg,” another said.

“Very cursed, but just wait until people find out he’ll probably be standing up in some cutscenes too,” remarked someone else, referencing the upcoming PvE story missions.

With the Workshop now letting certain heroes walk, we have to wonder what other new features the developers will be implementing in the near future, especially when the aforementioned PvE missions add a lot more potential content.

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