Bizarre Overwatch 2 glitch unleashes “lore-accurate” Sigma with infinite flight

Theo Burman
Overwatch sigma glitch

A new Overwatch 2 glitch has given Sigma’s ultimate an unexpected buff, allowing him to fly infinitely around the map.

In the most recent Overwatch 2 update, Blizzard introduced a slate of quality-of-life changes for almost every hero. For Sigma, they adjusted his ultimate so that it automatically casts once his ultimate runs out.

However, this small change has accidentally increased Sigma’s gravity manipulation powers tenfold, making him more “lore-accurate”.

New Overwatch 2 Sigma ultimate glitch allows him to fly forever

If Sigma’s ultimate reaches its full duration, it will now automatically cast. However, if Sigma is looking at the skybox, or a surface that he’s unable to cast the Gravity Flux indicator on, he’ll be stuck in the ultimate animation, and the flight that he has will be extended forever.

This will only work if Sigma’s previous ultimate was also cast at the end of its duration, so you’ll have to survive long enough to get two ultimates in one life for this glitch to work.

Sigma is still able to use his basic fire in this form, but he’ll be locked out of using the rest of his abilities, including his barrier.

A post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit details the glitch in full on the practice range map.

Overwatch 2 players quickly made fun of the unexpected new bug, with one player saying: “Finally. Lore-accurate Sigma has been released.”

Another Sigma fan said: “I mean, canon-wise, this isn’t an exploit. This is just how Sigma was meant to be.

Another viewer suggested the glitch should become an official mechanic in the game, saying: “This is one of the bugs that I wish was an actual feature.”

Several other heroes also got some quality-of-life changes, but it’s clear that none of them got the same boost that Sigma did.

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