xQc tries out Overwatch's newest hero with disastrous results - Dexerto

xQc tries out Overwatch’s newest hero with disastrous results

Published: 6/Nov/2018 20:04 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 20:23

by Bill Cooney


There are a lot of awesome clips of Ashe, Overwatch’s newest hero, floating around from streamers on Twitch, but some players, like streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, are having a harder time getting the hang of her.

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During a skirmish against fellow streamer ‘m0xyy’, xQc gave the new hero a try in sort of a 1v1 matchup on Busan.

After a few shots with the rifle, xQc throws out his dynamite, before shooting the ground with his coach gun, which just puts him right next to the explosion.

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Unlike Junkrat, Ashe takes damage from her bombs so while xQc is retreating, he steadily takes damage until he’s eliminated.


“xQc why’d you jump off the map? That was like a pretty good duel we had why’d you just randomly jump off the map?” m0xyy mockingly asks as xQc remains stone faced throughout.

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Still saying nothing, xQc takes a drink out of his mug before getting ready to give Ashe another chance.

As players get used to Overwatch’s newest hero there’s sure to be countless situations like this one, but xQc’s expression, or lack of one, really makes this clip hilarious.