Wild Overwatch exploit lets Sombra hide inside walls for infinite stalling

Connor Knudsen

A new Sombra exploit in Overwatch is allowing players to hide inside walls, thus providing them with infinite stalling potential. Here’s how to counter the exploit if you run into it in-game.

The Overwatch community, after the game’s five-plus years in circulation, never ceases to find new and creative ways to play the hero shooter. However, some of this creativity can go too far, breaking the game and causing an unfair advantage.

That is precisely what some have found with a new Sombra exploit, which allows the hacker to go inside of Numbani’s walls and become nearly unhittable. Here’s what to do if you run into this in one of your competitive games.

Sombra exploit allows for infinite stalling

Overwatch cyberpunk style woman with pink hair and mechanical inlays holding a gun
Sometimes Sombra can take her hacking just a little too far.

Sombra has a knack for getting into places where she shouldn’t be, thanks to her invisibility and throwable Translocator. While this can be great for taking out unsuspecting healers, some have found a way to abuse this mechanic.

One Youtuber, Talyir, shows the inner workings of the exploit in a video posted to their channel on November 21.

The exploit is performed by using Sombra’s Translocator a couple of times near a corner near Numbani’s A point.

After that, players will find themselves inside the wall, able to run to a corner, and, inside the safety of the wall, be able to contest the point.

How to counter Sombra stall exploit

Blizzard devs have not yet put out a new patch to fix the exploit, so it’s best for players to understand what to look for and how to counter it.

As some have noted in the comments, it appears the only way to counter this is by having someone on the opposing team swap to Hanzo, locate the cheating player, and use his ultimate on them.

The dragons go through walls and will be able to take out the player, according to some who have tried it.

Hacks and exploits like these can absolutely take the fun out of a game. We encourage readers not to use such a cheat and to counter it appropriately until devs eventually provide a patch to it.

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