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WhoRU Slaughters Toronto Esports in Overwatch Contenders NA Playoffs

Published: 9/Aug/2018 1:27

by Joe O'Brien


Fusion University’s Lee ‘WhoRU’ Seung-jun wiped out Toronto Esports with a massive Genji Dragonblade in the first round of the Overwatch Contenders NA playoffs.

With the help of a nano-boost from his team’s Ana, WhoRU assassinated five members of Toronto Esports on Oasis, obliterating their attempted push.

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The nano-boosted Dragonblade is something of a classic play in Overwatch, but it hasn’t been seen so much in recent months, at least not at the highest level of play, the Overwatch League.

A large part of the drop-off is a direct result of Ana’s incredibly limited professional play during that time-period, having been deposed from the supremacy she once had as a support pick and consistently superseded by other choices.


It’s also a play, however, which puts a lot of eggs in one basket, placing two powerful ultimates in the hands of a single player. That player must be trusted to make the most of it, and fortunately for Fusion University, WhoRU is definitely a player who can be.

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Prior to the Overwatch League, when Lunatic-Hai was the world’s most formidable team and OGN’s APEX was the most prestigious tournament, WhoRU was one of the most prominent DPS players in the game, winning two APEX titles with the team.

When the Overwatch League arrived and the Lunatic-Hai squad was left behind, however, WhoRU was left behind, too young to compete. He won’t turn 18 until August 2019, and therefore won’t be eligible to compete in the OWL until its third season.


In the meantime, WhoRU has been maintaining his reputation as a world-class player in Contenders NA, helping to take Fusion University to victory in Season One. Now, he’s looking to repeat in Season Two.

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Toronto Esports was the first opponent in Fusion University’s path in the Season Two playoffs, and WhoRU kicked off the series in style with an epic five-kill dragonblade.

Toronto Esports ultimately proved a much tougher opponent than might have been expected, but Fusion University eventually prevailed with a 3-2 victory. That win takes them to the semi-finals, one step closer to defending their title.