Who is Maximilien? Mission target confirmed for Overwatch Storm Rising event

Joe O'Brien

The 2019 edition of the Overwatch Archives event, Storm Rising, looks set to focus on the mysterious omnic Maximilien, one of the high-ranking members of the terrorist organization Talon.

Storm Rising is the third iteration of the Archives in-game event, and promises to deliver another chapter in the Overwatch story along with some new PvE content for players to take on.

The April 9 teaser for the event confirms that the new mission will focus on Maximilien, who has so far been one of the more unexplored members of the shadowy organization that is Talon. In Storm Rising, players will finally meet Maximilien in-game.

Ahead of the arrival of Storm Rising on April 16, here’s a look at everything we already know about Maximilien, and what the mission surrounding him might entail.

Who is Maximilien?

Maximilien first appeared in the “Masquerade” comic of July 2017, which showed Doomfist’s escape from prison and return to a position of leadership within Talon. Upon securing his freedom, Maximilien was one of the first people Doomfist met with, travelling to his casino in Monte Carlo to discuss the omnic’s loyalties.

During their discussion, Maximilien confirmed he shared Doomfist’s goal of inciting a new war between humans and omnics, but warned him that not all within Talon would be pleased with Doomfist’s return. Maximilien is subsequently seen at a meeting of high-ranking Talon members in Venice.  

Maximilien has not frequently reappeared since his first reveal in Masquerade, however. He is seen briefly in what looks like a Talon planning meeting in Moira’s origin story video, alongside Moira herself, Doomfist, Reaper, and one other character believed to be Sanjay Korpal.

It was also later revealed by the Retribution event that Maximilien’s ascent to a position of leadership, like Doomfist’s himself, came directly in the wake of the death of Antonio at the hands of Gabriel Reyes.

Details on exactly what his role in Talon consists of remained a mystery, however, but thanks to the second teaser for Storm Rising, at least one function he performs has been revealed. According to Sojourn, Maximilien is Doomfist’s accountant.

What will Storm Rising mean for Maximilien?

While exact details of the Storm Rising mission haven’t yet been announced, it seems certain that it will involve an Overwatch Strike Team attempting to capture Maximilien in Havana.

The second event teaser reveals that Overwatch is looking to target Maximilien after failing to apprehend Doomfist, and the team sent after him will consist of Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji.

It looks like there could be further complications, however, as one of the leaked achievements for the event, titled “Freelancers”, shows off an additional group of four heroes, featuring McCree, Baptiste, Bastion, and Ashe. It’s possible this group could also have a role to play in the story of Storm Rising.

Exactly how the mission plays out remains to be seen – after all, the premise for Retribution was also that Antonio should be captured, but when the time came Reyes actually assassinated him and the Blackwatch team were forced to fight their way out.

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