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Another Overwatch leak reveals brand new Storm Rising skins

Published: 9/Apr/2019 23:42 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 0:05

by Bill Cooney


A new leak from the official accidentally revealed the start date for Storm Rising, April 16, a couple of weeks before the first official teaser came out on Sunday, April 7.

Now, it appears the achievements for Storm Rising have been leaked as Blizzard gets the Overwatch website ready for the next event.

SegadorYSoldadoSome of the achievements for Storm Rising from the official Overwatch website.[ad name=”article2″]

New skins you say?

The images of the leaked achievement icons were shared on Twitter by @SegadorYSoldado and one of the icons appears to show new skins for four Overwatch heroes.

On the icon labeled ‘Freelancers” there appear to be icons for Baptiste, McCree, B.O.B. representing Ashe and what appears to be Bastion.


McCree’s hat and hair certainly don’t resemble any of his present skins and for Baptiste, it’s pretty hard to tell what’s different just from the icon.

Bastion doesn’t resemble his base skin at all, could we be getting a special Talon Bastion skin? Only time will tell.

Undoubtedly the most important discovery from this leak is that for Ashe’s new skin, B.O.B. appears to be getting a monocle, which might be the most important Overwatch update of 2019

There are nine new locked skin slots on the official Overwatch Archives site, so we’re for sure getting at least nine new skins.


We never knew how badly we needed B.O.B. to have a monocle until we saw this.
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What else does the leak tell us?

The achievement icons also indicate the return of the Talon Troopers for Storm Rising as enemies and could possibly hint at a boss fight with Maximilian.

The four heroes mentioned in the April 8 teaser: Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy, all appear on their own achievement as well, but their icons don’t appear to have changed.

Overwatch has yet to officially reveal any of the new skins for Storm Rising, but now fans will be eagerly waiting to see if these leaks were accurate and whether or not we’ll be blessed with a monocled B.O.B.