Overwatch & Talon heroes are swapping sides & getting “reimagined” abilities in Season 10

Michael Gwilliam
overwatch doomfist and talon reinhardt mirrorwatch event

Blizzard has confirmed Overwatch 2 will be getting a mirrored universe theme in Season 10 with villains and heroes swapping places and getting brand-new abilities.

Despite being a PvP game, Overwatch 2 has some deep lore with numerous heroes coming from a variety of factions. Primarily, there are two main groups: Overwatch and the villainous Talon.

Season 10 is presenting players with a unique scenario: what would it look like if Overwatch and Talon swapped sides? The result could be the game’s best skins yet.

On April 11, Blizzard unveiled the Season 10 trailer and showcased a variety of unique cosmetics such as an evil Reinhardt, Overwatch captain Doomfist, and a Vengeance Mercy Mythic skin.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, the “Mirrorwatch” event will also feature “reimagined” abilities for the heroes, likely as part of a limited-time game mode.

In the trailer, we can see Mercy unleash a projectile and Doomfist even project a barrier from his gauntlet.

The special “Mirrorwatch” event is set to run from April 23 to May 13, but the skins will be available as part of the Battle Pass as well.

Season 10 of Overwatch 2 kicks off on April 16 with major changes to ranked and the game’s new DPS hero Venture free for all players.