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“Unbearable” Overwatch bug is causing Brigitte to ruin ally abilities

Published: 28/Jul/2020 21:44

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch bug has been discovered, and it completely turns Brigitte into a griefer for allied teammates.

Discovered by Sombra streamer ‘Fitzy,’ the bug makes it so that when an ally receives Brigitte’s Repair Pack, their screen will glitch out by the time the ability’s effect wears off.

Repair Pack heals for 110 HP over two seconds and can be applied even when an ally is at full health. Once those two seconds are over, any hero who received the Repair Pack will have an ability that requires the holding down of a mouse button to appear canceled.

In a Twitter video, Fitzy went through every ability that is affected by the bug – and there are some major issues that arise from it.

The biggest problem seems to be to the detriment of Reinhardt players, as makes it seem like they’ve dropped their shield.

Apparently, several other players have had unfortunte run-ins with the glitch, as quite a few voiced their grievances over the matter in the comments.

“Fitzy, you’re a genius, THANK YOU for finding this,” Twitch streamer ‘Flats’ replied. “This was unbearable on Rein, because I kept ‘dropping’ shield, and it messed with my brain.”

Other heroes had pretty significant visual issues with the interaction, as well. For instance, while holding down the button to Rocket Punch, Doomfist will suddenly look like he canceled the charge.

A Symmetra trying to launch a fully charged beam attack will have the energy appear like it’s being fired late, or was interrupted somehow.

Another weird interaction comes when Zenyatta is trying to launch a full volley of orbs. Right as the Repair Pack runs out, the attack appears to be extremely delayed.

For Mercy players, her beam will look like it disconnected from an ally as soon as Brigitte’s ability wears off.

Finally, it also seems like Brigitte has been the reason for Wrecking Ball players “falling through maps.”

According to Fitzy, it only happens when Hammond has grappled onto a payload. It certainly explains all the bizarre clips that have popped up recently, with Ball players freaking out as their screen gets turned inside out.

Thus far, Blizzard hasn’t announced a fix is in the works, but we can only expect some sort of patch to be in development as this visual bug is completely ruining games for many players.


How to use OP Torb turret placement in Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge

Published: 28/Oct/2020 0:20

by Bill Cooney


Junkenstein’s Revenge is one of the best ways to earn loot boxes during Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, and there are a few spots for Torbjorn’s turret you should probably know about.

Halloween in Overwatch means plenty of new skins to unlock, including the Ragdoll Echo skin, which is now available until the event ends on November 3.

The only way to unlock the DPS hero’s new skin though is to win 9 games in any mode. If you stick to quick play and competitive this could easily take one or even two whole days, but if you simply grind them out in Junkenstein’s Revenge, the wins will only take a couple of hours instead.

Even though the seasonal PvE survival mode goes quicker than regular matches, you can definitely still lose if you don’t have the right team comp. This means that at all difficulty levels, Torbjorn is still a must-pick for his turret and it’s constant damage output.

Torbjorn Halloween Terror skin
Blizzard Entertainment
You won’t get far in the harder difficulties of Junkenstein’s without Torb.

As for where to put this powerful, Zomnic-slaying device, there are several options that all work quite well, and are all fairly easy to pull off too – like on top of the overturned cart right down the middle lane. It has a commanding line of sight for the middle and left staircase spawns, and even covers part of the pond on the right side.

The best part of this spot might be the fact that it’s too close for Zombardiers to immediately target it, and it will hold boss aggro for as long as it’s around.

Next, placing the turret on the railing right on top of the left-hand stairs also gives it a great shot at all three spawns instead of just two, and gives you the ability to run up there and repair it when needed.

Finally, if you’re looking for something extra flashy to really impress your teammates, there’s even a way to get the turret up to the wooden platform just above the door where Widow and Ashe usually hang out.

Step by step for best turret placement in JR from Overwatch

Like in the clip above, head up the stairs to the right and go on to the platform they lead to (the place we all used to place the turret). Then head to the ledge closest to the door and aim at the ridge on the tower above the platform, straight up from the bush on the right side.

Another option is to jump from the edge and throw it at the apex of Torb’s leap if you have trouble getting it there while standing still. Toss it up, and your little guy is all set to rain down death on the army of undead charging the gates, and hopefully unlock that Echo skin a little bit quicker.