Wild Overwatch glitch sends Wrecking Ball flying through the map

Bill Cooney
Underwater hammond Overwatch Anniversary

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]

A crazy new glitch appearing in Overwatch is taking Wrecking Ball on a wild ride through the map when Hammond uses his Grapple in certain areas.

Wrecking Ball’s Grapple can be one of the most annoying abilities in Overwatch to deal with, especially when players attach onto the payload or point to contest.

However, a new bug has popped up that seems to completely break the hero’s POV, sending the hamster all over the map when he’s just trying to swing around.

In the clip below from Reddit user swelii, it’s obvious something is going on when Grapple is used to try and stall the payload on defense. Instead of swinging around like normal, Hammond is apparently teleported all around the map, while still taking damage somehow as well.

First off, it doesn’t seem to be a latency issue, even though it shares similar characteristics. For one, Wrecking Ball is still contesting the point the entire time, and we don’t see any of the stop-start, rubber band effects you would expect when it’s just slow internet.

The glitch definitely made swelii’s POV look bizarre, but sadly they haven’t uploaded any replay footage so we can’t tell what it would look like to everyone else.

Since they were definitely contesting and taking damage the entire time, you’d think that Wrecking Ball would just look and be moving like normal to everyone else, even though the player had no way to really control him.

This is one Overwatch glitch that just gets more confusing the more you think about it.

Hopefully swelii finds the time to upload footage of this admittedly hilarious glitch in replay so fans can see what it actually looked like, if they happen to still have it.

Whatever ended up happening, it’s clear Wrecking Ball still has some bizarre issues going on, but Grapple is one of the most unique hero abilities in Overwatch, so a few hiccups and strange glitches are nothing new to Hammond mains.

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