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Twitch streamer explains the elements that make a bad Overwatch teammate

Published: 14/Oct/2019 3:57 Updated: 14/Oct/2019 4:37

by Brad Norton


Playing with poor teammates is par for the course in the competitive Overwatch experience, but popular Twitch streamer Mihai ‘mL7’ Lupascu has broken down exactly what factors go into turning a player into a horrible teammate.

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Often while grinding the competitive ladder in Overwatch, teammates attempt to shift the blame of a grueling defeat onto their team, rather than owning up to their own personal mistakes. 

ML7, one of Overwatch’s most popular support streamers, revealed he believes that’s the leading factor in what contributes to being a horrible teammate in Blizzard’s hero-shooter.

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In his October 13 broadcast, the Romanian player dedicated a chunk of time to explaining the actions of an opposing support player who tried to throw their team under the bus.

Encountering a double-shield composition had “nothing to do with the fact that you lost” the streamer said in reply to the toxic player, immediately shutting down an argument that the opposing selection of heroes was the sole reason for the loss.

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The streamer instead shifted the focus onto the individual themselves, scrutinizing their own play-making abilities and putting the player on-blast. 

Elaborating on the poor decision making of the Zenyatta player in focus, mL7 highlighted how they were “completely out in the open in the midst of a team-fight.” The player’s own actions left them vulnerable, and they were soon killed by an aggressive Moira.


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“You will probably say, my team didn’t peel for me,” mL7 explained. “Don’t give a f*ck that your team isn’t running with the perfect team comp, don’t give a f*ck that your team is feeding.”

Instead of looking outward, the streamer suggested individuals should focus on their own gameplay, and do everything in “your power to win” to be a better teammate.

Running with the perfect composition is not the purpose of ranked, mL7, who is one of Overwatch’s most prolific support streamers, explained to his viewers during the video: “The purpose of playing ranked is becoming you, an individual.”


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Ultimately, in order to climb through the ranks, mL7 stressed the importance of focusing on yourself as an individual instead of targeting those on your team or creating excuses because of the enemy composition.

While these factors are out of your control, improving your own play is entirely in your hands. Perhaps learning this stalling tactic, or trying out this insane Baptiste trick on Paris could be good resources to get you going in the right direction.