Twitch star Tyler1 is already chat-banned in Overwatch 2 for five years

Tyler1 looking at overwatch logoTwitch: Tyler1 / Blizzard Entertainment

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp once had a notorious rep in the streaming space for his toxicity. The Twitch star hasn’t been able to drop that yet in Overwatch 2, with the star already chat-banned for five years ⁠— although it might not be a new suspension.

Tyler1’s toxicity has been well-documented over the years. While fans love his random outbursts, it has also gotten him into more trouble than most.

This came to a fever pitch in April 2016 when the Twitch star was permanently banned from playing League of Legends on all accounts. He could no longer stream the game, and smurfs were targeted on sight. That ban was lifted 18 months later in late 2017.

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Five years on from that though and Tyler1 is still dealing with toxicity bans to this day, being slapped with one as he launched Overwatch 2 for the first time.

The revelation the ban rolled over into Overwatch 2 happened during a sponsored stream for the game. In fact, he still has 1812 days to go on it ⁠— just shy of five years.

However it might be a rollover on his previous Overwatch chat ban, which lasted for 10 years when initially handed down. Tyler1 said at the time it was due to his highly-publicized League of Legends ban.

“I’m still silenced. You guys can’t see,” he said after seeing the message pop up. However he accepted his fate for his past actions, going as far to say he “deserved it”.

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The star took it on the chin and played some Overwatch 2 ⁠— with some signature rage of course, just not directly to his teammates in game. 

Whether Blizzard will recognize Tyler1’s “reformed” nature as he puts it remains to be seen, but for now he’s going to have to make do without the communication.