Overwatch: Torbjörn gets a jetpack and homing missiles in epic Workshop mode

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has created an epic Workshop mode that gives Torbjörn a jetpack and homing missiles.

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The Workshop was finally released to the live servers on May 21, giving all players access to the feature that had already been immensely popular during its time on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

Not only does the Workshop give players the chance to express their creativity by developing new modes of their own with the powerful tools the feature offers, but players who aren’t inclined to create themselves can try out the modes of others with the import function.

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The Torbjörn Jetpack and Homing Missile modes are the latest offerings from prolific Workshop creator Darwin, who has produced some of the most popular game modes so far.

Darwin has developed a mode in which players can fire homing missiles that will lock onto their targets and chase them if they attempt to run away. The mode also features the option to have the camera follow the projectile.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has been an enormously popular feature in Overwatch.
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In addition, Darwin also developed a Torbjörn Jetpacks mode, which gives the Swedish engineer the power to boost into the air, functioning as a jetpack with vertical thrust but more limited lateral control, rather than simply being able to fly.

In combination, the Torbjörn jetpacks and homing missiles make for an epic free-for-all game mode, in which players must use their mobility to dodge in and out of cover to force the missiles to impact with walls and obstacles in order to avoid taking damage.

Those who wish to test out the homing missiles alone can do so with share code QFXS2, while the Torbjörn Jetpacks mode can be played with share code 66K3R.

By importing the game modes, Workshop creators could also incorporate either of these settings into their own unique modes, saving them from figuring out how to implement the abilities themselves.

Darwin is among the most prolific Workshop creators, also producing practice modes for Ana and Reinhardt, as well as fun modes like D.Va Racing – which is one of the top 10 most popular Workshop modes so far – and experimenting with concepts like “what if every hero could be ‘de-meched’ like D.Va?”.

In addition to the Workshop feature, Blizzard have also recently unveiled the new Replays system, which gives players yet another tool for improving or creating new content.