This wacky Zenyatta skin concept for Overwatch switches orbs for water balloons

Zenyatta attacksBlizzard

An interesting piece of concept art for Zenyatta in Overwatch would see the omnic monk ditch his usual Zen-like state of mind and behaviour for something that would be more fitting in an episode of Benidorm!

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Tekhartha Zenyatta is a wandering guru that travels the world in search of spiritual enlightenment, according to the lore of Overwatch.

The support hero can use his orbs of harmony and discord in a variety of ways in-game but a wacky new concept from Ian M. Petrie would see those orbs changed to water balloons that can be hurled at other players!

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Petrie, known as ‘impetrie’ on Instagram, shared an image of the omnic character wearing some rather fetching floral swim shorts, a vest top saying “h2ohm” and even a colorful bandanna on his head as he fires yellow water balloons and shouts “experience humidity.”

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In the description of the ‘Water Balloon Zenyatta’ concept, the artist stated: “Wanted to try doing some Overwatch fan are for inktober, ended up having a lot of fun with this one.”

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The artwork went down a storm on Reddit, with ‘Eliranman’ saying: “I am willing to pay for this fucking skin.”

Another user, ‘aschgar’ said: “I like it, and it’s ‘early’ enough to actually be able to possibly inspire the team. (Not posted a week before the event).”

The skin might not fit in with Zenyatta’s typical aura, but it would be an excellent limited time, light-hearted, addition to the game and one that Overwatch players would be desperate to get their hands on!

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