Fan-made Overwatch concept sees Moira embrace her mad scientist vibe

Blizzard / Back to the Future

A new fan-made concept for Moira in Overwatch sees the geneticist don a lab coat for a classic scientist look that fits in perfectly with her lore.

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One of Overwatch’s support heroes, Moira O’Deorain is a genetic engineer that works for Talon in secret and lives in Oasis. The game’s lore makes it clear that she is trying to rewrite the building blocks of life.

Now the red-haired character has been given a makeover that sees her don a lab coat outfit that might have last been worn by Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to the Future, courtesy of ‘ohnoafterlaughs’ on Tumblr.

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The Lab Coat Moira skin concept, which can be seen from three different angles, was designed on a whim, the artist says: “I was curious to see how it’d be like, so I drew it.”

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The concept quickly made its way to Reddit, with one user, ‘Jewvia’, stating: “Hopefully we can get something like this next April for Archives (or maybe even as a permanent addition in a cosmetic update).”

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This sentiment was echoed by ‘hardy-weinberg1990’, who said: “This is exactly what I’m hoping will drop for Archives next year. Though if they did make this skin a reality, they’d probably make the tubing/backpack out of conventional lab glassware (maybe the large protrusion in the back could be an oversized erlenmeyer flask). Alas, it’s more likely she’ll get a Talon legendary skin in line with Sombra’s and Doomfist’s next Archives event.”

With so many fans desperate to see Overwatch’s controversial scientist finally get an old-school science outfit to go with her lore, perhaps Blizzard will take a leaf from ohnoafterlaughs’ book!

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