Overwatch player somehow predicted the new Lunar New Year skins a year ago

Bill Cooney

Some of the fun that comes along with new Overwatch seasons is speculating on the skins Blizzard could have made in past occasions or will make for future events, and one fan made a prediction during last year’s Lunar New Year celebration that seems to be coming true.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event happens every year around mid-January and so far, skins for Reaper, Hanzo and Reinhardt have been revealed.

The new skins are awesome, but one player actually did a pretty great job of predicting what they would be almost a year ago.

In a post to Overwatch’s subreddit from February 2018, user neobolts asked if next year (2019) would be the year Blizzard made Three Kingdoms themed skins.

In the post, neobolt predicts there will be a Guan Yu Reinhardt and a Lu Bu Reaper, among a number of other heroes, and so far, it looks like they were right.

They didn’t mention the ‘Huang Zhong’ Hanzo skin, but they also didn’t rule it out, either.

The fact they were able to correctly predict not just two skins, but the overall theme for skins this year just adds to the user’s clairvoyant feat.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event starts on January 24 and goes until February 18, so there are still a few more days to see just how accurate neobolt’s prediction was.

For their part, neobolt seems thrilled about this year’s new skins and the fact that the Overwatch team seemed to listen to their suggestion.


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