This new Zenyatta Funko Pop! could be the best ever

Bill Cooney

The Halloween Terror event is in full swing and now Blizzard has unveiled special spooky merchandise available to Overwatch fans, including an exclusive Zenyatta Cultist figure.

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In addition to the Zenyatta figure, there’s a Witch Mercy Funko Pop! and miniature vampire and mummy pachimari plushes for fans to get their spooky fix.

The Funko Pops! are Blizzard exclusives and only available on the Blizzard Gear Store, but this shouldn’t stop any die-hard Witch Mercy fan from getting their hands on this, if fans order now, they might be lucky and get them before Halloween, but the site says to not expect delivery until November 30.

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Blizzard is also offering a Halloween Terror Reaper t-shirt, along with plenty of accessories and outfits for those looking to go all-out on their Overwatch Halloween costume this year, like a 200$ Genji sword.

Witch Mercy is considered by many fans to be her best skin ever, and they might argue that this figure, as a result, is the best Funko Pop! to ever be released, they would have a tough time convincing Zenyatta fans, many of whom consider his Cultist to be the best skin for the robot monk.

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Blizzard entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event started on October 9 and it seems like overnight, every single Overwatch fan has developed a giant appetite for anything spooky and Overwatch-related.

Even though the figures probably won’t arrive until November, true Overwatch fans won’t mind showing off their spooky spirit all year round.