This incredible fan-made Overwatch skin puts an inventive spin on Reinhardt

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Reinhardt is one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes, and this skin concept by fan and artist Nolan192 takes the hero and pushes him full steam ahead with some awesome train details.

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One of the game’s original heroes, Reinhardt got a cinematic short of his own last year that introduced Brigitte to fans as well.

While changes in the upcoming patch might not solve all of the struggles that Reinhardt players face in the GOATs meta, this skin concept should help ease the pain. 

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Nolan192’s design, which he calls “Trainwreck”, reimagines Reinhardt as an old steam train engine, complete with cowcatchers on his shoulders.

Reinhardt really resembles a train engine in this concept, with lights on his shoulder and face, and even smoke coming out of a smokestack behind his head.

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Reinhardt’s last new skin was “Crusader”, introduced along other Blizzard-themed skins and the BlizzardWorld map in 2017.

But with the Winter Wonderland event recently announced for December 11, we could see a new, seasonal Reinhardt skin before too long.