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Overwatch pro explains why Brigitte and Doomfist changes won’t affect the current meta

Published: 19/Nov/2018 20:15 Updated: 19/Nov/2018 20:37

by Bill Cooney


The latest Overwatch PTR patch notes include substantial changes to Brigitte and Doomfist that a lot of players have been asking for, but former San Francisco Shock player André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström told viewers during stream that the changes will do nothing but strengthen the current meta.

Responding to a viewer in chat who mentioned the Brigitte and Doomfist changes, iddqd said the changes would have little to no effect on the currently popular GOATS strategy, which is basically a team of 3 tanks and 3 supports, led by Brigitte.

“Hate me all you want for saying this, but those Brigitte nerfs are not going to do anything at all,” iddqd told viewers. “The nerfs that they’re giving to her is not why she’s strong in GOATS comp in the first place.”


Nerfs to Doomfist, on the other hand, would actually make GOATS tougher to beat, the streamer explained.

“Nerfing Doomfist will actually make GOATS stronger, and Brig’s role in the GOATS setup is actually not getting nerfed at all,” iddqd claimed. “If you guys think we’re going to get rid of GOATS in this patch, no, no.”

“All it does is essentially saying that Reinhardt is going to have a more important role in the GOATS setup, that’s it,” he says towards the end of the clip.

Changes to Brigitte on the latest patch take away her ability to stun with her shield bash through an enemy’s barrier, such as a Reinhardt shield, and Doomfist saw reductions to his Seismic Slam distance and the amount of time enemies lose air control from Rising Uppercut.


Iddqd at least, doesn’t seem to have too much hope for anything substantial happening from the changes, “GOATS is gonna be even stronger next patch.”