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There Are Some Epic Easter Eggs in New Overwatch Map Busan

Published: 22/Aug/2018 16:49 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 16:54

by Joe O'Brien


New Overwatch map Busan has been live for mere hours, but already players have found some brilliant Easter eggs.

Revealed at the Overwatch Fan Festival in Seoul, South Korea, Busan is a Control map which features locations based in a traditional-looking sanctuary, downtown in Busan, and the MEKA base featured in new Overwatch Animated Short “Shooting Stars”.

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Along with the initial reveal came the announcement that the new map would be appearing on the PTR immediately. Within hours of getting their hands on it, players had already begun to figure out some of the subtle quirks of the map.


For example, the Dance Floor game machine found in one of the spawn rooms for the downtown map is actually playable, responding to player movements and tracking how well you do at hitting the moves.

The real highlight, however, is to be found in the karaoke area on the opposite side. For most heroes, the karaoke machine is just decorative, much like the various other machines, games and furniture found on this and other maps.

When playing as Reinhardt, however, pressing the interact button will result in him giving an epic performance, with several possible varieties. It seems Reinhardt can only do karaoke before the start of the match, however, likely to prevent players from sitting in spawn singing instead of participating in the game.


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It’s unclear whether these are the only Easter eggs hidden in the map, but with players testing the map now aware of the possibility they’ll undoubtedly be found quickly if there are in fact more.