D.Va Fights an Omnic Assault in New Overwatch Animated Short “Shooting Star”

Blizzard Entertainment

The latest Overwatch Animated Short features D.Va as she attempts to defend her home from Omnic attacks.

D.Va’s short, titled “Shooting Star”, debuted at the Overwatch Fan Festival in Seoul, South Korea, and sees the esports professional turned MEKA pilot bearing the weight of defending her home city of Busan from Omnic invasion.

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D.Va is the tenth hero to star as the primary focus of an Overwatch Animated Short, each of which has offered a deeper look into the story and character of one – or in the case of the Shimada brothers, two – of the game’s heroes.

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The video also explores D.Va’s reputation as a South Korean national hero, highlighting the difference between the superstar portrayed by the media and the girl who feels responsible for protecting everything she cares about.

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When another Omnic attack comes sooner than expected, D.Va dives into action alone, struggling to take them all down before they can reach the city and ultimately sacrificing her mech – and risking her own life – to defeat them.

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Fortunately, D.Va survives the encounter, albeit with some scars to show for it, and immediately gets to work rebuilding in preparation for her next battle.

Along with the Animated Short, Blizzard also unveiled a new Busan Control map, which features D.Va’s base as one of the control points.

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