Team Canada’s NotE Kicks off the Overwatch World Cup Los Angeles Qualifier with a Huge Bang

Joe O'Brien

Team Canada’s Lucas ‘NotE’ Meissner kicked off the Overwatch World Cup Los Angeles Qualifier with an insane D.Va self-destruct.

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This is the first time the Boston Uprising flex tank is representing his country in the World Cup, one of three Canadian players making their debut for the national team at this qualifier.

Canada went head-to-head with Austria in the first match of the LA Qualifier, and NotE has already put in a candidate for what might be one of the plays of the event. On the third map of the series, Volskaya, NotE helped repel the Austrian offence with a huge five-kill self-destruct, also taking out the enemy D.Va’s mech.

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NotE can’t take all the credit, however, because the play was facilitated by Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts on Sombra, who hit a huge EMP to leave the Austrian team vulnerable.

That wasn’t the only key EMP that Surefour hit. As the clock ran out on the Austrian offence, they managed to completely clear the second point in overtime. Before they could quite capture the point, however, Surefour came in with a crucial ultimate to leave them open once again, facilitating the return for Canada who ultimately defeated the assault and won the game 2-1.

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Canada eventually won the series 4-0, and followed it up later with another 4-0 over Brazil. With Canada one of the clear favorites for a spot at the playoffs, however, the real test for them will be the very last match of the qualifier, when they’re set to take on rivals Team USA.