Everything You Need to Know About the Overwatch World Cup Los Angeles Qualifier

The 2018 Overwatch World Cup Continues on September 7-9 with the Los Angeles Qualifier.

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The second of four group stages for this year’s World Cup, the Los Angeles Qualifier will see six national teams fighting for just two spots in the playoffs at Blizzcon, November 2-3.

The first qualifier took place in Incheon, South Korea, where the host nation and reigning World Champions claimed their place, alongside Finland.

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The LA Qualifier, which will be held in the Overwatch League arena, might be the most anticipated of the four, as it will feature the first official clash of this year’s World Cup between the United States and Canada.

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To spice up the national rivalry even further, the LA Gladiators, LA Valiant, and Houston Outlaws each have players on both sides, while the Dallas Fuel are providing the head coaches for each. Fuel head coach Aaron ‘Aero’ Atkins is leading the USA, while assistant coach Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy directs team Canada.

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Here’s everything you need to know to catch all of the action at the Los Angeles Qualifier.


United States

Player Role Team
Hydration DPS LA Gladiators
Sinatraa DPS San Francisco Shock
ZachaREE DPS Fusion University
SPACE Flex LA Valiant
Muma Main Tank Houston Outlaws
Rawkus Support Houston Outlaws
Moth Support San Francisco Shock
Aero Coach Dallas Fuel


Player Role Team
MrDragonLol DPS We Have Org
Stvn DPS
HeroRay DPS
Sensotix Flex DUI
Wat7 Main Tank
ecLipse Support
Minimi Support DUI
ub3rb1ng0 Coach DUI


Player Role Team
liko DPS Brasil Gaming House
dudu DPS Brasil Gaming House
honorato Flex Brasil Gaming House
Wetter Flex Black Dragons Esports
neil Main Tank Brasil Gaming House
alemao Support Brasil Gaming House
ole Support Black Dragons Esports
TMATTEI Coach Brasil Gaming House

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Player Role Team
Surefour DPS LA Gladiators
Agilities DPS LA Valiant
Mangachu DPS XL2 Academy
NotE Flex Boston Uprising
xQc Main Tank
Bani Support Houston Outlaws
Crimzo Support Team Envy
Jayne Coach Dallas Fuel


Player Role Team
TracK DPS Young and Beautiful
ONIGOD DPS Angry Titans
Frost DPS One PoinT
Tricky Flex
Decod Main Tank Last Night’s Leftovers
Iko Support
iPN Support Angry Titans
mkL Coach Last Night’s Leftovers


Player Role Team
Luux DPS Silent Gaming
Shinoda DPS SPG Esports
Kiba Flex Lausanne Esports
Helv Main Tank
Mimi7 Main Tank Silent Gaming
R3M1X Support Silent Gaming
Sk0rpi0n Support Silent Gaming
shn Coach Lausanne Esports

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Friday, September 7

Team 1 Score Team 2 PDT EDT BST AEST
Austria vs Canada 10am 1pm 6pm 3am
Norway vs Switzerland 11:45am 2:45pm 7:45pm 4:45am
Canada vs Brazil 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm 6:30am
Austria vs USA 3:15pm 6:15pm 11:15pm 8:15am
Norway vs Brazil 5pm 8pm 1am 10am

Saturday, September 8

Team 1 Score Team 2 PDT EDT BST AEST
Switzerland vs Austria 10am 1pm 6pm 3am
Brazil vs USA 11:45am 2:45pm 7:45pm 4:45am
Norway vs Canada 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm 6:30pm
USA vs Switzerland 3:15pm 6:15pm 11:15pm 8:15pm
Brazil vs Austria 5pm 8pm 1am 10am

Sunday, September 9

Team 1 Score Team 2 PDT EDT BST AEST
Norway vs Austria 10am 1pm 6pm 3am
Canada vs Switzerland 11:45am 2:45pm 7:45pm 4:45pm
Norway vs USA 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm 6:30am
Switzerland vs Brazil 3:15pm 6:15pm 11:15pm 8:15am
USA vs Canada 5pm 8pm 1am 10am

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