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Stunning Skyrim mod lets you play as Overwatch characters

Published: 21/Nov/2020 21:27

by Theo Salaun


While Overwatch players eagerly anticipate news about Overwatch 2, some have turned to other games to imagine what Blizzard Entertainment’s tactical shooter could look like on a different engine. A Skyrim mod might be the best re-imagination of the title yet.

Released in 2011, Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the gaming universe’s most iconic experiences. From waking up on a rickety wagon just moments before a dragon attack to seeing the game get modified to include Fall Guys characters, Skyrim has proven to be a fantastic source of seemingly timeless entertainment content.

Using Bethesda’s Creation Engine, itself based on their Gamebryo Engine, Skyrim mods have given the title a shelf life that’s approaching a decade of impressive, hilarious, and surprising content. Now, modders have gone ahead and given Overwatch the Elder Scrolls treatment.

While Blizzard’s title is best known for its cartoony, vibrant style, many have wondered what the graphical upgrades could do for its realism in OW2. Now, the game’s fans can see what heroes like Genji, McCree, Reinhardt, and Reaper could look like in a grittier, more realistic environment.

skyrim overwatch mod
Twitter, @BadPachimari
Hopefully this isn’t the plot of Overwatch 2.

Although ‘Bad Pachimari’ jokingly titled the video as “Overwatch 2 footage leaked on 4chan,“ one can’t even be mad at the bait. The video opens with a familiar red shawl, brown cowboy hat, and bionic arm as a surprisingly shadowy McCree eviscerates some sort of muscly zombie creature. 

These foes are better known as draugr to Skyrim’s fans, but Overwatch’s players are probably more focused on seeing McCree in a dungeon, using a sword instead of a pistol. Even more surprising is the video’s usage of Reaper, who looks identical to his Overwatch model (spooky mask and all), but with a very different set of tools.

Instead of the heavy, dual-wielding shotguns, Reaper is seen using a bow and arrow to kill a grungy wolf and a sword to backstab Reinhardt. Although Rein is a little smaller than he should be, the characters all look fantastic and the change in art style is pretty fun.

It remains unclear which particular mod this is, but fans can most certainly take a look around to find a variety of equally ridiculous Skyrim transformations. 

At the very least, it can be a nice way for Overwatch’s more impatient players to see their characters in a different environment while awaiting more OW2 news. Speculation suggests that announcements about the game won’t come until February 2021’s virtual BlizzCon.


Spider-Verse producer wants Spider-Man: Miles Morales glitches in sequel

Published: 28/Nov/2020 19:29

by Theo Salaun


The transformational glitches in Spider-Man: Miles Morales are pretty hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s producer, screenplay and story writer, Phil Lord, wants to use them in the hit movie’s sequel.

Lord and his filmmaking duo, Christopher Miller, are no strangers to animation or comedy. With titles like Spider-Verse, Lego Movie, and 21 Jump Street under their shared filmmaking belt, it’s no wonder that the two are unafraid of getting a little weird with the animated Spider-Man flick’s sequel.

And if you want inspiration for red and blue weirdness, look no further than the Miles Morales game. Playable on PS4 and PS5, the title has apparently been a massive success, with 97 percent of Google users enjoying it. While people are typically annoyed with launch day bugs, the issues with this one are just too funny to chastise. 

With weird, viral videos of players transforming into various inanimate objects, it was actually a transformation of a patio heater that caught Lord’s eye. Now, it appears that “Heater Parker” could become a reality in Spider-Verse 2.

Since the original Spider-Verse movie was chock-full of absurdities and goofy odes to different genres or pop-culture references, invoking a video game’s glitch should be no problem. And, as far as content goes, few things evoke comedic surrealism as much as a patio heater using a web to swing from building to building in New York City.

For Lord, at least, the randomized development mistake appears too funny to ignore as film inspiration: “We’re putting this in Spider-Verse 2 if we have any self-respect at all.”

Hopefully, he and Miller have as much self-respect as the title’s developers, Insomniac Games, have humility. In response to Lord’s tweet, which has since gone viral, the game’s makers couldn’t help but acknowledge their imperfections with a pun.

While we were under the impression that patio heaters were meant to heat patios, not hearts, the Insomniac reflection remains accurate: this silly, inanimate object glitch is “equally as embarrassing as it is heartwarming.”

But, above all else, they’re just funny. It could legitimately be one of gaming and cinema’s greatest, most randomly inspired crossovers if Spider-Verse 2 involves an alternate dimensional Heater Parker.