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Stunning Brigette cosplay kicks off Overwatch Lunar New Year event

Published: 21/Jan/2020 21:55

by Bill Cooney


Blizzard is celebrating Overwatch’s 2020 Lunar New Year event with an incredible Brigitte cosplay commissioned by their studio in China.

Brigitte’s “Opera” skin is one of the highlights of the Lunar New Year event this year (if you play the support hero at least), turning her into a gilded Chinese Opera performer, as the name suggests.

The Lunar New Year is a huge celebration in Asian countries, so Blizzard China commissioned an amazing cosplay for Brigitte’s new skin to celebrate the event.

Brigitte Cosplay Overwatch Lunar New Year Cosplay
Blizzard China
Who knew Brigitte was so flexible?

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The cosplay was originally posted on Blizzard China’s official Weibo page on January 17, but unfortunately, they didn’t seem to include the name of the cosplayer, herself.


Brigitte’s Opera skin makes for a stunning and colorful display, and seeing the skin brought into the real world really emphasizes the amount of detail included in the outfit.

Overwatch Brigitte Lunar New Year Opera skin cosplay
Blizzard China
The cosplay’s mace looks exactly like it does in Overwatch.

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It even includes Brigitte’s mace, which is absolutely huge, seemingly bigger than the cosplayers head, with her hat included.

Her armor, much like the in-game skin, is red with blue highlights and some white fur near the shoulder, while the blue roses on her armor pull it all together.

There wasn’t any information provided on how long it took to put together this masterpiece, but based on how detailed it is, it must have been a daunting task for the craftswoman.


Brigitte Overwatch Lunar New Year Opera skin cosplay
Blizzard China
The cosplay is the closest one can get to Opera Brigitte in real life.

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As far as Overwatch cosplays go, this is definitely one of the best we’ve seen so far in 2020, and it doesn’t hurt that Blizzard had a hand in making it happen.

We didn’t see too many official Overwatch cosplays in 2019, either for Sigma’s release or for BlizzCon 2019, but hopefully this is a sign fans will start seeing more as we head into 2020.