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Overwatch: Simple feature could really help out Zenyatta players

Published: 23/Jan/2019 23:07 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 23:41

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players would like to see a way for Zenyatta to keep track of the effectiveness of his healing and discord orbs.

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Zenyatta’s orbs allow him to heal teammates and increase the amount of damage enemies take, but other than total healing and assists, there’s no exact way to tell how effective players are with either.

Unlike his orbs, players can tell exactly how much transcendence healing they’ve done during a match, and Reddit user Fractales said they would like to similar system put in place for orbs.

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As a Zenyatta main, I’d really like a stat that shows how much extra damage was done because of my discord orb from r/Overwatch

The simple system would show how much healing has been done by healing orbs, and how much extra damage was done because of Discord orb.


“I realize this would take Blizzard a bit of work,” Fractales wrote. “But it would be so motivating/informative for me to know. I want to be able to quantify my team contribution.”

Users on Reddit seemed to agree and quickly brought the post to the front page of /r/Overwatch, with some users even expanding on the original idea.

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User GuilRosmer suggested an “Orb uptime tracking” stat that would track the percentage of the game the Zenyatta player kept both orbs in play.

“Any sort of hero specific stats which could be used by a player to improve their game, if they wanted to do so, would be really nice,” GuilRosmer wrote in the comments. “Oh? I only kept Discord Orb up for 23% of that game? Definitely can work on that. Gotta start slinging that baby out more often!


Whether Blizzard will introduce more hero-specific stats to help players improve remains to be seen, but it has been something all players, not just Zenyatta mains have been asking about for awhile.