Sneaky Genji Junkertown spot gives you the drop on Overwatch opponents

. 2 years ago
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Genji is popping up all over Overwatch these days, and there’s a new spot on Junkertown that your enemies will never see coming until it’s too late.

Overwatch’s resident Cyborg Ninja saw some major buffs in the June 16 Retail Patch, and as a result, he’s rocketed up the charts to become one of the most played heroes in the last week.

Because of this increased amount of playtime, we’re now seeing more tips and strategies for Genji begin to pop up, including this delightfully devious spot on Junkertown’s first major choke.

You can see how to get to the spot, high above the platform above the main Junkertown gate, and how effective he can be from up there, in the below clip from Reddit user NyxiOW.

To reach the perch, players need to wall-climb up on the second level of Junkertown’s gate, then dash as far left as you can to eventually reach the pipe. It’s important to crouch as soon as you land, otherwise Genji will simply slide right off.

Once you’re safe and sound up there, the chances of you being spotted by an advancing enemy are slim to none, since it’s not a spot most players are used to checking. Combine it with Dragonblade (as seen above) and you have all the ingredients for a potential team wipe right there.

Of course, once you reveal your position to the enemy team during a match, it might not work again as they should wise up to your antics, so you should try and get the most out of your first attempt.

Blizzard Entertainment
Genji’s ultimate can do some serious damage from the crow’s nest on Junkertown.

Like we mentioned earlier, Genji saw significant buffs in the most recent Overwatch patch, including one that increased the duration of his deflect from 1.5 seconds to 2.

This might not seem very significant at first, but can make all the difference if you don’t make it up to this perch and have to make a tactical withdraw in the face of the enemy, which hopefully doesn’t include a Winston.

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