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Simple player card change is exactly what Overwatch needs

Published: 7/Nov/2021 16:16

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s post-game lobby is either a burst of serotonin or an existential crisis in the making, but one fan has polished it up a little with a simple new idea for player cards.

Absolutely demolishing your enemy team in Overwatch is a pretty sweet prize, but the icing on the bloodstained cake is definitely scoring yourself a player card or Play of the Game in the post-game lobby.

Whether you’re using fancy tricks to send your enemies six feet under, or have simply managed to master your main hero, the little burst of joy that accompanies seeing your own name written in the stars can’t be understated.


One player has come up with an idea that would make the player card system even better, as this version would show off your whole character and, most importantly, their skin.

overwatch post game player cards
Seeing your name on that board will bring a smile to your face every time.

Overwatch player card concept is better than the original

Using the game’s subreddit to show off their innovative new concept, u/TimTubeYT has designed a new version of the player card system that would let players show off their skins.

In their post “feedback suggestion: putting more emphasis on skins by having them shown in the lobby cards,” they’ve attached their own concept for the player cards, which instead of just having a tiny profile picture of the character have the character’s full body and associated skin.


While the idea is completely unique, it borrows some of the best aspects from the original. With the triumphant Reinhardt illuminated in gold, you can’t help but feel like you’re truly a winner!

Feedback suggestion: putting more emphasis on skins by having them shown in the lobby cards (concept image of how it could look like) from Overwatch

Not only has the idea been climbing the subreddit since being posted on November 6, it has won the hearts of the community.

“This is one of the better suggestions I’ve seen on this sub ever,” writes one commenter, complimenting the artist’s “great mockup.” Another echoes this with a simple “this is really beautiful work, great idea.”

A final comment notes that this system is “not that difficult to implement,” so who knows, maybe we will see a little TimTube-inspired adjustment in the future – we’ll just have to cross our fingers.