Stealthy Overwatch trick adds a silencer to Torbjorn’s rivet gun

Torbjorn in air on LijangBlizzard Entertainment

If you’ve never felt like Torborn should replace Daniel Craig as James Bond in 007, this sneaky Overwatch trick could end up changing your mind.

Being able to avoid giving away your position in Overwatch can pay dividends to your team’s success. With so many unique weapon sounds, enemy players can easily determine who is sneaking around.

All it takes is one wrong move or a poor engagement to have the enemy team turn around and obliterate your HP bar, so knowing when to time your shots is very important.

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Luckily, a new Overwatch trick can put an end to all that and turn Torbjorn into the secret agent we all knew he was capable of being.

Torbjorn angry on Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment
Torbjorn has one of the best weapons in Overwatch.

Secret agent Torbjorn

As showcased by YouTuber McMagicMarv, if you’re playing as Torbjorn, you always have the option of quickly switching to your hammer during combat.

While Torb’s hammer is mostly used for meme eliminations, BM in the killfeed and repairing your turret, it has a hidden use. By firing your Rivit gun and quickly switching to hammer, you add a “silencer” sound to each attack.

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The best part is that this works for both the projectile shot to take out enemies at longer ranger and the close-up shotgun blast that can melt through certain heroes, such as Tracer.

Of course, while using this trick does make you stealthier, it can drastically decrease your time between shots and therefore your overall DPS output, so it should only be used sparingly.

That said, if you’re on the flank and have the opportunity to secure a frag while remaining quiet, this trick can come in very handy and let you remain undetected.

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