Simple Overwatch trick gives D.Va free kills on Busan

. 2 years ago
D.Va Busan
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D.Va’s ultimate is one of the most powerful in Overwatch in the right hands, and now one player has found a trick to really utilize the power of her Self Destruct on Busan Sanctuary. 

If you’re a squishy DPS or healer, you know that as soon as D.Va activates Self Destruct and that infamous exclamation point is red then it’s over. Her ultimate is one of the most powerful in the game in the right hands, but in the wrong hands it can be utterly useless.

Some new tricks have emerged regarding the Korean superstar; specifically that her summer games skin makes her much quieter than usual due to her being barefoot. If you’d rather save your hard earned currency for the winter wonderland event, however, there’s another trick that’s easily learned.

One Reddit user has found the perfect position on Busan Sanctuary from which to send out D.V’as MEKA and wipe the entire enemy team.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va’s Self Destruct is one of the game’s most deadly ultimates.

Perfect Busan angle lets D.Va wipe the enemy team

One reddit user has realized that, if positioned correctly, a well timed D.Va ultimate can wipe out a most if not all of the enemy team.

When playing on Busan Sanctuary, u/ZebraSmallz positions the Korean idol in the circular entrance to the main square on the attacking side. They then proceed to unleash their MEKA directly in front of them, with the iconic suit landing right in the middle of the enemy backline just behind the iconic drum.

From there, the MEKA explodes and wipes out five members of the enemy team. As seen at the top of the screen, this move is the reason why ZebraSmallz’s teammates remain in the game.


This technique is especially useful on Sanctuary, as the map centres around big team fights around the central terrace and quick flanks using the surrounding buildings.

This Self Destruct is perfect for wiping out the main skirmishers and leaving only the squishier DPS and supports to try and flank.

D.Va is a popular character, and one that a lot of players will try at least once in their Overwatch career. This is a handy little way to test the hero’s true strength, so give it a go and see how many members of the enemy team you can wipe!

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