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Sigma emote in Overwatch can be as deadly as Gravitic Flux

Published: 11/Dec/2020 11:33

by Lauren Bergin


Sigma has become one of Overwatch’s most played heroes in both casual and professional play. This specific emote, though, is almost as deadly as his signature Gravitic Flux if you know what you’re doing. 

Sigma is one of Overwatch’s oddest champions. The eccentric Dutch scientist is one of the game’s most popular champions, but his personality is something that players never get tired of.

So much so that these two passionate players created these (literally) insane Moira and Sigma cosplays to celebrate their love for the mad scientist duo.

One of Sigma’s passions, however, is his love for orchestral music. This fun little emote easter egg shows that he should maybe thing twice before commanding an orchestra though, or at least consider how to turn his new found talent into a weapon.


overwatch sigma flux
Blizzard Entertainment
Sigma has a fun habit of throwing things around at the most inopportune moments.

Sigma’s ‘maestro’ emote makes things float

One of the many rewards that were on offer during Sigma’s Maestro Challenges earlier this year was the Maestro emote, which sees Sigma try his hand at conducting a gravity themed orchestra.

Little floating lumps of space rock are seen floating around him, moving with in time with the scientist’s masterful conducting.

That said, one player has noticed that the rocks aren’t the only things that defy gravity. As reddit user Lucci_ shows, anything that is Sigma’s radius will also be thrown up into the air, both causing a mess as well as acting as a demonstration of the Dutchman’s unstoppable ability to manipulate physics.


Sigma’s emote also affects the items around him from r/Overwatch

While Overwatch’s emotes are always just fun and games, it’s cool to see that Blizzard really put effort into creating these supposedly silly little features.

So next time you’re trying out Sigma be sure to position yourself in a room where there are loads of things to throw around, both for the fun and to, of course, demonstrate your superiority over your fellow heroes.