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Overwatch cosplayers embrace inner mad scientist as Sigma and Moira

Published: 6/Dec/2020 6:52 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 15:18

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Overwatch characters all have their quirks and differences, but Sigma and Moira have something in common; they’re both mad scientists, and two cosplayers brought them to life in a stunning way.

The mad scientist character archetype has been tried and tested time and time again. However, it’s hard to find a game that has done it better than Overwatch. They even managed to pull it off twice.

Moira O’Deorain, better known as Moira, is a geneticist who cares more about scientific advancement than human rights and ethics. It’s a little ironic, considering she’s a support hero.


Siebren de Kuiper, also known by his alias, Sigma, is very much the same. He’s an eccentric astrophysicist who gained the power to manipulate gravity after an experiment went wrong.

Overwatch Cosplay Sigma Moira
Sigma and Moira are two peas in a pod compared to other Overwatch characters.

Cosplayers are often community-minded, and three creative minds came together to bring Sigma and Moira to life. Stracichu and Lictor_01 teamed up with a photographer named Axel Nova, and the results are stunning.

The picture shows them standing back-to-back in what looks like an eerily-lit science lab. It even has some incredible after effects, including Sigma’s Hyperspheres and Moira’s Biotic Orb.

The outfits are based on flashbacks when we see the characters dressed up in lab coats. They’re both white with black and silver seams and hang well past their knees.


Sigma’s looks a bit like a military-jacket, with a high half-collar on his neck. It also has blue straps on the collar and around his elbows. He’s also wearing black gloves and even colored his hair slightly grey.

Moira’s looks a bit more traditional with a standard buttoned-up collar. However, she’s included a purple and black patch and two canisters with biotic energy strapped around her waist. The highlight is definitely the hair, though, which looks like the real deal.


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It was a combined effort, and all three of them did an incredible job. The outfits were breathtaking from head to toe, the poses were on-point, and the photography was slick and professional.


Overwatch players love seeing their favorite characters brought to life, and talented cosplayers know exactly how to pull it off. The post on the Overwatch subreddit has already generated almost 7,000 upvotes, and they’re all well deserved.